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Welcome to HasKap where we uniquely cater to each and every single client in order  to offer our top of the line brokerage and management services. The idea behind a Vision Beyond Sale is to simply see, not the sale, but the image you create for us here at HasKap. With this approach, it enables us to utilize our versatile workforce and begin to transform what once was just a vision into a reality. 

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"Work hard and persevere"

-Lee Shau-kee

(Real Estate Tycoon)

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved"

-George MacDonald

(Scottish Author)



Glass Buildings


Commercial Leasing

  • Proposals & Negotiating

  • Articulate Planning

  • Contract Advisory

Glass Buildings


Property Management

  • Rent Responsibilities 

  • Maintenance & repair

  • Tenant Screening

Glass Buildings


Residential Leasing 

  • Marketing

  • Tenant Qualification

  • Rent Analysis

Glass Buildings


Investor Advisement 

  • Risk Assessment

  • Maximize Profit

  • Facilitate development